The Anti-Convention

Not your typical Chef conference. Two days of legendary Chefs, thought leaders and catalysts of our industry with all the surprises, amazing food and fun Chef’s Roll is known for. Click here to register now!

Our theme for our inaugural year is “catalyst” and our goal is for you to leave the conference energized, inspired and ready to be your own catalyst in the industry and the world.

Don’t miss your chance to hear Chef Jeremiah Tower talk about how the original Farm to Table movement started and then examine how Chefs are taking it once step further by cultivating relationships directly with fishermen, farmers and ranchers.

Gerard Bertholon and AJ Schaller will be teaching cryoconcentration and demonstrate how it can tackle food waste. Francisco Migoya will be presenting cutting-edge techniques from Modernist Bread. Ali Bouzari will be presenting X-Ray Vision For Cooks and Barton Seaver will be showing how you can become your own catalyst in creating sustainable culinary culture.

We have an all-star line up for our Future of Food Media including Netflix’s Final Table winner Timothy Hollingsworth. Listen to some of the OGs including Grant Macpherson, Barbara Lynch and Rainer Zinngrebe discuss mentorship and tell globe spanning stories.

Take part in portrait sessions by famed Chef photographer Josue Castro, tell us the stories of your tats in our new “Kitchen Ink” video series and hop on the Andrew Talks to Chefs podcast with Andrew Friedman. Enjoy a “Dinner Under the Stars” Jeremiah Tower tribute dinner with some of his alumni coming in to cook. All of this and more if you #ROLLWITHUS at our Anti-Convention.